Oxford Wifi

What is it?

Oxford Wifi is a new wireless network covering different parts of Oxford. It's available in the following locations:

Oxford Community Wifi Node Map

More locations will be added very shortly. If you own a venue and would like to allow or sponsor Oxford Wifi access, please contact us. Our local contact number in Oxford is 01865-988275. This number takes ansamachine messages and a relevant admin should respond within 24 hrs. We are a local community Internet based company, run by volunteers... Often you will get a speedier reply by emailing admin@oxfordwifi.com. We can take texts on 07973-865850 in normal working hours!

Free access is given for 10 minutes so you can try it out and catch up with email. If you'd like more time you can get very cheap short term access from £1 for an hour, or £2.95 a day, £4.95 a week or get a recurring subscription if you think you'll use it a lot. Even an annual membership for £69.95 is available

How does it work?

Oxford Wifi is using the Wififeed service to allow people with internet connections to share it with other members of the community with more fine grained control than just giving out your wifi password. Instead it allows people to sign up for limited time periods, or use pre-made tickets. As a member you can use any of the wififeed nodes in Oxford and beyond. Please click here to log into your account as a user or admin.